What is a Micro Wedding & Is It Right For You?

Micro weddings are always incredibly personal and intimate. I’d love to photograph your special day and create your dream wedding photo album, no matter where it takes place.

LONDON, ONTARIO — UPDATED FOR 2022 – Micro weddings are what they sound like: weddings on a smaller scale, typically with a guest list of 50 people or fewer. They are often elegant or highly curated affairs, as a shorter guest list allows a bigger budget for the venue, food, and dress. Some couples opt for a small ceremony followed by a larger reception. In contrast, others keep the entire affair intimate, from the exchanging of vows to the last dance.

If you’re considering a micro wedding, trust me: I’ve photographed many, and these are truly special occasions. However, you have to make sure that this is 100% the wedding day you envision. Consider the following if you’re on the fence about a potential micro wedding.

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Who Are Micro Weddings For?

Micro weddings started gaining popularity back in 2018 and are now more relevant than ever. They ensure you don’t have to compromise on even your wildest wedding dreams. After all, the day is about you and your partner. Your wedding should look and feel just how you envisioned it, and not be limited by the guests.

There are also “local elopements.” They emulate the spontaneity and intimacy of running away to get hitched, only with more planning. A micro wedding elopement often occurs at a special destination to you and your partner, with just a couple of witnesses and maybe a few other attendees.


Micro weddings allow you to be more creative and plan a day that truly reflects what’s important and unique to you and your partner. Did you first meet in a park? Plan a small ceremony there with just a small group of family and friends. Are your dogs more like your children? Choose a pet-friendly outdoor venue!


A smaller guest list gives you much greater flexibility. Destination weddings are more feasible with fewer attendees, as distant friends and relatives may not fly out of the country. You can also be a bit more adventurous with a smaller group. Do you want to get married at a scenic location that requires a hike or boat ride to get to? The logistics will be much simpler with a smaller, tight-knit guest list.

You may also have more flexibility with your wedding date. Have you always wanted to get married on Valentine’s Day or your anniversary? Some dates are more expensive than others if they are at the wedding season’s peak or on a holiday. A micro wedding may allow you to secure the date of your dreams on your budget by choosing a smaller venue.

Less Pressure

If you or your partner are shy, the idea of getting married in front of a crowd might be intimidating or downright unappealing. This could mean a micro wedding is perfect for you. It allows you to share your wedding day with only the people you’re closest to.

Bigger Budget?

Let’s face it, big weddings are expensive. For every guest (and potentially their date), there are costs involved, most notably food and drink. When you keep your guest list small, you’ll be able to spend more on other aspects of the day.

You may not have to compromise on the designer dress of your dreams, an open bar, or the perfect venue when you choose to have a micro wedding.


At huge weddings, it’s common for the people getting married to feel like they aren’t able to spend quality time with anyone, except for perhaps the wedding party. When you feel pressured to personally greet 100 or more guests, it’s unlikely you’ll have quality time with anyone. And the fact that you’re trying to enjoy every moment of the day and have a romantic time alone with your partner, and it all becomes overwhelming.

Smaller weddings allow for more intimate moments, both with your partner and the guests. It can also free up room in your budget to splurge for hotel rooms for all your guests. When everyone stays at the same location, it allows for even more special memories to be created.

Unique Photos​

One of the perks of a micro wedding is unique, personalized photography. There is no need to include traditions that don’t feel meaningful to you. Photo coverage can be customized to capture only what you really want to be documented. There may also be extra time for photos of you and your partner at a particular location.

Micro weddings allow photographers to take photos of individual couples and their guests. These photos are often more memorable than traditional wedding photos and make great gifts down the line. You’ll also likely fit all of your guests into one shot!

What Does Micro Wedding Photography Entail?

I would love to photograph your London, Ontario micro wedding or elopement. These intimate affairs are genuinely a delight to capture. Although tiny weddings provide more flexibility to capture unique moments on film, there are still basic types of photos included in most wedding packages, that you’ll likely want for your micro wedding.

Posed Photos

Wedding at Fernwood Hills, Komoka, ON

With smaller weddings, you’ll be able to pose with more of your guests. Of course, there will be plenty of posed wedding photos of you and your partner as well.

Candid Photos

Candid wedding photos look a little more relaxed and spontaneous than posed photos. They’re still loosely planned (think location and pose). Always, they show you and your partner more naturally, displaying the love you have for each other authentically.

With micro weddings, I can focus more on candid photos of the guests as well. Think reactions to the couple walking down the aisle and dance floor action shots.

Documentary Photos

Documentary style wedding photos show the story of your wedding day. It’s up to you which moments you want to be captured (the wedding party getting ready, the ceremony, the cake cutting, the first dance, etc.) These photos are often the most special as they have a fly-on-the-wall vibe. They show what it was like to be there on your special day.

Oscar Laverde Photography Costs

At Oscar Laverde Photography, we have a reputation for providing some of the most authentic micro wedding and elopements photos. Our affordable services start from as low as $1000 for local packages. 

Our packages are meant to help couples anywhere in the world who are planning a meaningful & authentic celebration get professional photography services with unbelievable value.

We always communicate with our couples to discuss availability, prices, and wedding specifications. Our services include documentary wedding, engagement, and family photography in London, Ontario. Contact us today for any inquiries.

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