The Distillery District – Toronto Engagement Photos

A Beautiful Engagement Session At The Christmas Market In The Beautiful Toronto’s Distillery Market.

TORONTO, ONTARIO — Doing an engagement session in the middle of the most beautiful Christmas market in Toronto’s Distillery District, is something to remember, but shooting the engagement of your own brother and his beautiful future wife, takes the whole situation to a stratosphere level. I felt pure happiness every time I saw my brother’s eyes telling the world he was starting a new chapter with the person he has dreamed about his whole life, Mariel. I’ll never forget the way they look at each other that special day.

There is this nice energy they have. Where everyone is welcome, and anyone can become their friend no matter what. That day, they were full of that energy. The market was packed, and at the beginning, I thought we were going to have a hard time getting great pictures. But not the people nor the cold could stop us from getting our way. We managed to get the most intimate spots and found intimacy in the most public spaces. You will see that in the pictures below.

The whole family drove all the way from London, Ontario to Toronto so Mariel and Diego could have the most amazing celebration of love that day. I can’t even start to describe how happy we are for them. And as they always do for everything they plan together, they are going to make the most of their wedding day, and the rest of their life as a family. Congratulations guys!