St. Thomas, Ontario Family Photography

ST. THOMAS, ONTARIO — So fall is here, my favourite season, and even if fall is not your favourite season, you have to admit that the colours are amazing.

This time, I had the pleasure of doing a family photo session in beautiful St. Thomas, Ontario. I called this session the Play & Fun Family photo session for reasons that you will come to understand once you see the fantastic pictures we took that afternoon.

Late afternoons are the best time to take photos, right before sunset. In photography, this time is called the golden hour, also known as the magic hour. It’s all bout the light, its warm colour and its side direction makes photos way more interesting, dramatic, and textured, simply unique.

We have so much fun that afternoon, especially little Luna, that we even had time to take some romantic pictures of Juan and Joanna together while my wife was playing with Luna.

I invite you to look at these photos, leave any comments if you want, and if you think I did an excellent job here, contact me. You also deserve to have beautiful memories of your family having fun together.