Location: Lodge on Queen, Toronto, ON

Enchanting Interabled Wedding in the Heart of Toronto

Candace and Vic's Enchanting Wedding at Lodge on Queen

Welcome to the extraordinary world of documentary wedding photography, where we had the honor of capturing Candace and Vic’s inter-abled wedding day at the iconic Lodge on Queen in the heart of Toronto. Our lens didn’t just witness a wedding; it chronicled a unique interabled love story, breaking through visual barriers.

Candace, recognizing the significance of preserving every precious moment, emphasized the importance of our role as documentary wedding photographers. Vic, her visually impaired husband-to-be, brought an extra layer of uniqueness to the celebration.

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Anticipation in the Morning

Candace made it clear from the start that Vic, her soon-to-be husband, is visually impaired. The photos were top priority to capture every special moment. People came from all over Canada, and the couple themselves flew in from Manitoba. It was a Toronto gathering like no other.

The morning started with Candace getting ready, surrounded by her bridal party. Emotions were high, and she looked stunning in her gown. Then, we switched gears to document Vic’s pre-wedding moments, where his kids played a crucial role.

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Union at The Lodge on Queen

The ceremony was nothing short of magical, with Vic’s guide dog taking center stage as the heartwarming ring bearer. This interabled wedding was a testament to love transcending sight.

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A Documentary Wedding Photography Approach

Post-ceremony, the Lodge on Queen became the backdrop for family photos and surprises, including a taco bar that stole the culinary spotlight. Our documentary wedding photography approach turned moments into stories, capturing the unfiltered joy, laughter, and connections shared not only by Candace and Vic but by everyone present to celebrate their extraordinary day.

In the heart of Toronto, the Lodge on Queen witnessed more than just a wedding – it hosted a visually impaired love celebration, beautifully captured by our documentary wedding photography. As your go-to photographers for inclusive weddings, Lodge on Queen celebrations, and documentary-style love stories, we’re here to freeze those breathtaking moments in time for you. Explore our portfolio and let us be the storytellers of your extraordinary day.

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Candace and Vic’s visually impaired special wedding unfolded as a heartfelt narrative of love, beautifully captured through the lens of documentary-style photography. Every photograph, from the serene moments to the joyous celebration, serves as a unique chapter in their extraordinary interabled love story.

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Our Promise: Inclusive Love Stories

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Introducing our inclusive approach to wedding photography, where we celebrate love in all its forms. As an Inclusive Wedding Documentary Photographer, we believe every love story deserves to be seen and heard.

Candace and Vic’s visually impaired special wedding was not just an event but a testament to the beauty of love transcending any visual barriers. In capturing their unique journey, we aimed to inspire and highlight disabled and interabled couples, showcasing their love stories in a way that resonates with authenticity and inclusivity.

Our commitment goes beyond traditional wedding photography. We strive to be the storytellers who weave narratives of love, showcasing the diverse and rich tapestry of relationships. If you’re seeking a photographer who understands the significance of inclusivity and aims to inspire, we invite you to explore our portfolio. Let us be the ones to capture and amplify the beauty of your love story, ensuring that every couple, regardless of ability, is celebrated and embraced.

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