Location: Willow Creek Barn Events in North Middlesex, ON

A Barn Wedding in London, ON: The Magical Tapestry of Wendy & Steve’s Colombian-Canadian Adventure!

A Barn Wedding in London, ON

Wendy and Steve envisioned a wedding that harmoniously blended the rich tapestry of their Colombian and Canadian roots. Their union, a celebration of love not only between them but also with their children, unfolded at the enchanting Willow Creek Barn Events in North Middlesex, ON. Fortunately, I had the honor of capturing every poignant moment of their special day, narrating their unique story from beginning to end.

My journey with Wendy and Steve commenced on the eve of their wedding, during the final rehearsal. We immersed ourselves in conversation, discussing the intricate details and shared excitement for the imminent joy awaiting them the next day.

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Table of Contents

A beautiful first look under the willow tree

The magic began with an intimate first look beneath the sprawling branches of a willow tree. The moment they laid eyes on each other, surrounded by nature’s embrace, radiated an ethereal romance. The pre-ceremony moments were equally heartwarming, as Wendy shared precious time with her family, even connecting with distant loved ones through a heartfelt video call. Capturing these tender moments became a cherished part of their narrative.

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The Morning Anticipation

Wandering through the preparations, I marveled at the dedication of their families, who meticulously crafted a visually stunning backdrop for the celebration. Colombian hats, exquisite table arrangements, and a captivating outdoor ceremony arrangement beneath the majestic Willow tree showcased the meticulous effort invested in creating a perfect day.

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Union Under The Willow Tree

The ceremony unfolded to the melodic tunes of Colombian music, courtesy of the talented Pentagrama Llanero Music duet. As loved ones gathered to witness the union of two families, the ceremony seamlessly incorporated Wendy and Steve’s children. Their integration into every facet of the day illustrated the genuine bond they shared, forming a united family. The symbolic pouring of sand into a single vase and the ensuing kiss encapsulated their unity, all accompanied by the captivating tropical rhythms of Colombian music.

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Natural Portraits

Post-ceremony, the joy continued with lively family portraits and intimate moments captured for posterity. The couple’s portrait session, featuring Wendy, Steve, and their children, promised timeless memories for generations to come.

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Wendy and Steve's Unforgettable First Dance

During the cocktail hour, guests reveled in the soulful saxophone tunes played by Gianny Correa from the Latin Power Band. The love and warmth extended by friends and family, with hugs, kisses, and toasts, added an extra layer of joy to the occasion.

The reception unfolded in grandeur, marked by a spirited entrance, couple and family introductions, and an unforgettable first dance to the lively beats of salsa music. Wendy and Steve’s dance moves dazzled, a testament to the jubilant spirit of their union.

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For Oscar and Mena of Oscar LaVerde Photography, capturing the essence of Wendy and Steve’s love was not just a task but a privilege. Our photojournalistic approach documented their day with elegance, candidness, and an underlying sense of tranquility. As we wish Wendy, Steve, and their children boundless love in their new journey, we hope our paths will cross again in the tapestry of life.

Our Promise

Oscar & Mena - Oscar LaVerde Photography

Wendy & Steve’s wedding day was a real narrative of love through the lens of documentary-style photography. From the quiet moments to the heartfelt celebration, each photograph is a chapter in their love story. 

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In the world of wedding photography, Wendy & Steve’s day was one for the books. Their love story is a testament to the power of candid, authentic moments. We were not just their photographers; we were friends, witnesses to their love story, and documenters of their beautiful journey.

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