How Much Does A Wedding Photographer Cost?

Use This Guide To Get A Better Idea Of How Much You’re Looking To Spend.

LONDON, ONTARIO — UPDATED FOR 2022 – Whether you are planning to have a destination or a simple garden wedding, one thing is for sure: you need a photographer. Wedding photos capture significant moments in our lives and you want to know how much will a wedding photographer cost you. Why? Because wedding photography is the one thing to-be-weds must budget for to preserve memories for many generations.

This happened to be the best way to start, I went outside, and they ordered coffee. There was this window separating us, they had their own space. Rebecca & Yanni were having a moment of their own. Not being asked to pose in any way, smiling to each other. At that instant, I knew, it was going to be a great day. We were going to be able to tell their romantic story through this engagement photo session.

According to a recent study, the average of a wedding photographer in Canada cost is between $3,000 and $4,500. This is estimated to be between 10 and 15% of the total wedding budget. That’s how important photography is to a wedding. Use this guide to get a better idea of how much you’re looking to spend.

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What Determines Wedding Photography Prices?

Many factors affect the cost of photography for a wedding. Some of these include:

1. Location​

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If you are planning to hold a destination wedding, then it’s likely there will be additional travelling expenses. This will impact the total cost of photography and other services. Your photographer will most likely need airfare and accommodation covered. This will force the prices to go up. In some cases, you might be required to pay a per-mile charge if your photographer will be driving to your wedding venue.

Besides travelling and accommodation expenses, there are licensing and permits that the photographer is likely to incur. This is especially an additional cost when you’re looking to get shots in a commercially owned or government property.

2. Timing of the Wedding / Date

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Saturday has been a long-time favourite day for holding wedding ceremonies. However, during wedding seasons, between May to September, most photographers are fully booked. This means service providers are usually on high-demand, which is likely to push prices upwards. If you are looking to employ a professional photographer during the picking season, it’s more likely that you will spend more.

3. Photography Add-Ons

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Since a wedding is a one-off event, most couples try to make the best out of it. For instance, some people go all out by securing the best photo venues. Those who are unable to hire fancy places opt for a photo booth. Others prefer adding physical albums and professional prints to their photo package. All these add-ons affect the total cost of photography. If you have the resources to afford it, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t. However, if you are working on a budget, try to eliminate add-ons from your wedding photographer cost.

4. Number of Photographers​

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There’s so much to cover in a single wedding. While one photojournalist would be enough to capture the crucial moments, not everything will be covered. You may need an extra photographer to meet the level of coverage you desire. With more wedding photographers come additional costs. For bigger wedding venues with many guests, it’s advisable to have a number of photographers covering the event.

5. Number of Hours

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Most professional photographers charge according to the number of hours covered. For instance, if your ceremony will last for 12 hours, you can expect your wedding photographer cost to be higher compared to one that runs for just 4 hours. You can decide to hire a photographer for fewer hours if you are working on a budget.

6. Additional Shoots

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Some couples prefer hiring photographers for extra coverage. Some of the additional shoots include:

  • Pre-wedding engagement
  • Honeymoon
  • Bridal portraits
  • Rehearsal dinner

7. Cost of Album

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In most cases, the wedding album is included in the initial quote of wedding photography. However, some professionals might charge a separate price for the album. It’s always crucial to discuss this with your service provider to clear things.

You can also opt to use a different service for the design and preparation of your wedding album. This might cost you an extra hundred dollars.

How Do Photography Prices Relate to Quality?

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Although it’s allowed to assume that the most expensive photographers are the best, this is not always the case. Price should not be the main determiner of how efficient or reliable a company is. Before you discuss costs, always do a background check to know the kind of person you are dealing with.

Some of the important factors to consider include:

  • Experience- The more experienced the photographer is, the better. Ask about how long the person has been in this profession to gauge their expertise.
  • Portfolio- Going through a person’s past projects gives you an idea of what they are capable of delivering. If they don’t meet your expectations, look for another service provider.
  • Reviews- Check what other people are saying about the photographer. Reviews offer a better insight into what it is like to work with a given professional.
  • Credentials- What are the qualifications of the photographer? Does he or she have what it takes to deal with different photography settings? All these questions are important to avoid employing an incompetent person for your big day.
  • Equipment- No matter how experienced a photographer is, the quality of the photos will depend on the kind of equipment they use. Ask about the type of cameras they use and how reliable they are.

How to Reduce the Cost of Photography for Your Wedding Ceremony

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A wedding comes with a series of expenses; photography happens to be one of them. To cater for other expenses, you need to ensure you get the best deal from your photographer. This does not mean going for low-quality services just because they are cheap. So one of the things you can do to save money is:

  • Work with a local photographer– Getting a local company saves you the cost of additional traveling and accommodation expenses. If your ceremony is in London, Ontario, Oscar Laverde will make your big day memorable.

Oscar Laverde Photography Costs

At Oscar Laverde Photography, we have a reputation for providing some of the most authentic wedding photos. Our affordable services start from as low as $2000 for local packages. 

Our packages are meant to help couples anywhere in the world who are planning a meaningful & authentic celebration get professional photography services with unbelievable value.

We always communicate with our couples to discuss availability, prices, and wedding specifications. Our services include documentary wedding, engagement, and family photography in London, Ontario. Contact us today for any inquiries.

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