Alycia & Hani

A Romantic Surprise Proposal
in a forest near London, Ontario

By Oscar LaVerde

LONDON, ONTARIO — I recently was booked to photograph a proposal for the most beautiful couple! Hani confessed he was planning to ask Alycia to marry him during a simple couple’s photoshoot. I love romantic surprise proposals in London, Ontario and eagerly offered my photography services. 

This happened to be the best way to start, I went outside, and they ordered coffee. There was this window separating us, they had their own space. Rebecca & Yanni were having a moment of their own. Not being asked to pose in any way, smiling to each other. At that instant, I knew, it was going to be a great day. We were going to be able to tell their romantic story through this engagement photo session.

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Engagement Photo Session in Middlesex Centre, Ontario

A perfect London, Ontario Proposal Location

At this point, most of the big wedding venues have some restrictions due to COVID-19. They suggested the Coldstream Conservation Area located near Middlesex Centre, Ontario, Canada. I believe it is the perfect romantic near London, Ontario proposal location! It is secluded and super dreamy. After a few secretive texts between Hani and I, we came upon a plan.

Rebecca and Yanni are planning their wedding at this venue for next year. We spent over two hours there talking, laughing, walking around with a horse, yes A HORSE! can you believe it! And on top of that, we have photos to prove it! 

We had a fantastic time together, so much that after finishing the session we did a quick stop and took more photos inside a cornfield, and again without even planning it we got beautiful, intimate, romantic and powerful images by the side of the road.

Engagement Photo Session in Middlesex Centre, Ontario

London, Ontario Proposal Details

Hani got Alycia to the park, saying he wanted them to have a couple’s photoshoot. Where he had Boho Weddings Arch Rentals, setup the most beautiful arch with props, for a magical surprise proposal. Then, pretending a cute back-to-back pose, he dropped down on one knee and proposed. She very emotionally said, yes!!! They opened a bottle of chilled champagne to toast their engagement, and then we did an impromptu engagement session.

Engagement Photo Session in Middlesex Centre, Ontario

Congrats to Hani for successfully pulling off a romantic surprise proposal in London, Ontario to Alycia!

Are you planning your dreamy London, Ontario Proposal?
Well, you met your photographer!

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