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Micro Weddings

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Micro Wedding & Elopement photography
Made from real emotions

Congratulations on your engagement! Many couples like you are making plans with all the fuss stripped away. Whether it’s a London, Ontario micro wedding, elopement, tiny wedding or petite wedding. We can create together the perfect memories of your intimate celebration.

Micro weddings are what they sound like: weddings on a smaller scale, typically with a guest list of 50 people or fewer. They are often elegant or highly curated affairs, as a shorter guest list allows a bigger budget for the venue, food, and dress. Some couples opt for a small ceremony followed by a larger reception. In contrast, others keep the entire affair intimate, from the exchanging of vows to the last dance.

If you’re considering a micro wedding, trust me: I’ve photographed many, and these are truly special occasions. However, you have to make sure that this is 100% the wedding day you envision. Consider the following if you’re on the fence about a potential micro wedding.

Gabriela & Alex Micro Wedding in London, ON

London, Ontario Local Elopements

Planning a local elopement? A small secrete celebration, spur-of-the-moment, with the loved ones that are closest to you. It’s going to be great! Call me soon. Let’s check the calendar. If I’m free, I’m in! 

Micro Wedding and Elopement - Oscar LaVerde Wedding Photography

Who Are Micro Weddings For?

Micro weddings started gaining popularity back in 2018 and are now more relevant than ever. They ensure you don’t have to compromise on even your wildest wedding dreams. After all, the day is about you and your partner. Your wedding should look and feel just how you envisioned it, and not be limited by the guests.

There are also “local elopements.” They emulate the spontaneity and intimacy of running away to get hitched, only with more planning. A micro wedding elopement often occurs at a special destination to you and your partner, with just a couple of witnesses and maybe a few other attendees.

London, Ontario Micro-Weddings

Planning a local micro wedding? I would love to photograph this special moment. There’s even a dedicated package for couples thinking small, with an appropriately tiny price tag attached. 
Gabriela & Alex Beautiful Micro Wedding

Your Story
All about the moments you create

I consider myself a storyteller that crafts photographs that are a timeless, creative and genuine portrayal of your wedding celebration as it unfolds. I have years of experience as a documentary photographer in Spain, Portugal, South America and, of course, in the beautiful forest city of London, Ontario.

As a London, Ontario wedding photographer, I spend every weekend capturing true wedding photojournalistic coverage of our clients’ weddings.

Preferred wedding photographer for : Nature’s Oasis Retreat

If you like what you found here, then I may have the images you are looking for. Contact me. I’ll love to photograph your micro wedding or elopement! Prices start from just $400.

My Goal
The Authentic Story Of Your Day

A Greek Orthodox Wedding in London, Ontario, Canada
  • Think of me as another guest at your wedding.
  • I promise I won’t try to control your day as other photographers do.
  • I’m there to capture your candid and spontaneous moments in the most aesthetically beautiful way.
  • My style is unique. Even though the vast majority of my photos are unposed and undirected; most of my clients prefer a mix of 80% candid and 20% editorial style.
If you believe you deserve an authentic and spontaneous wedding, full of smiles, tears, dance, kisses, and hugs, you are in the right place. I might be the right photographer to hire for your wedding day.