Couples & Engagements

Couples & Engagement Photography
in London, Ontario.

Couple kissing at Distillery District in Toronto

An experience that’s completely yours.

My engagement shoots can be anything you want them to be, I assure you they will be fun! Whenever I have the opportunity, I tell people, engagement sessions are for every couple! You don’t need to be engaged to have a beautiful couple portrait session with me.

Are you worried about being shy on your wedding day? Having an engagement session is the perfect opportunity to get relaxed in front of the camera. At the end of the session, you won’t even notice there is a camera in front of you. We’ll be making beautiful memories together while we get to know each other before the big day.

Looking for the right photographer for your engagement?

I want to get to know you guys! I’m genuinely interested in your story, and I say this because I want to capture the two of you in the most authentic way I possibly can.

If you like what you read and are about to see here, I’d love to shoot your engagement session. Prices start from just $300*.

*All Prices are HST inclusive

Laid back | Relaxed | Never Boring

Engagement Photo in London, Ontario
  • Most engagement sessions last about two hours.
  • We can go anywhere to shoot. Anything goes! Downtown, the park, the forest or the beach.
  • Feel free to bring any props with you, especially your engagement ring!
  • Do you have a great idea for your engagement photoshoot? Drop me a line, I’m all ears!