Gachala Skincare Inc. An Inspiring Story

Karen Forero, Founder & CEO
of Gachala Skincare Inc.

By Oscar LaVerde

LONDON, ONTARIO — Today, I want to tell you a story of an empowered woman that has found a way to inspire others by creating change in every person that uses her fantastic beauty products  Women like her can be catalysts to transformation and change. Her name is Karen Forero, and her story tells us that there is a deep reward in pursuing your goals with passion and purpose. Through her journey, we are also reminded that every person has the power to make their dreams come true.

In celebrating a year of working together, this is a tribute to Karen Forero, her brand Gachala Skincare Inc , and all the empowered women out there pursuing their dreams in the beauty industry. Always out there, pushing the limits with their fantastic sense of purpose and inspiration.

Karen wears several hats, among them mother, wife, and entrepreneur. Through her brand, Gachala Skincare Inc , she is an advocate for self-love and self-care. She emphasizes the need for women, especially mothers, to practice self-care through products that make one look and feel good. Because as she says: “When you feel your best, you transmit that power and love to those around you.”

The story began 5 years ago with Karen, a strong advocate for organic, sustainable and fair trade farming in the Amazon Forest. Because of her advocacy, she came across the precious ingredients said to be the next big thing in skincare. Gachala’s Facial & Body Cleansers, Anti-ageing Serums, Exfoliants and Moisturizers are scientifically formulated with the rarest, potent wild-harvested ingredients from the South American Amazonian rainforest.

Exclusive Interview with Karen Forero Founder & CEO of Gachala Skincare Inc.

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What inspired your career choice?

I have always loved science and beauty; Moreover, I always felt compelled to help people feel their best.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

Read the comments, testimonials, reviews of my customers and see how happy they are with their products. I love when they see a change in their skin. I love to see the smile of our native people in South America that work hard, and we respect them as the owners of their land. That is priceless. Waking every day and knowing that what I am creating is not negatively affecting the environment or nature. That I am part of a clean beauty revolution movement with a bright future ahead

Luxury Facial Serum
Luxury Facial Serum

Share one of your most memorable moments while on the job.

It has to be when I am in my element. When I am in the lab. When I play with percentages, weights, textures, and ingredients, I read the chemical composition articles of the ingredients I use.   Those are the most memorable moments for me.

Who is someone you look up to in your industry? or who is your muse?

It has to be TATA HARPER skincare. They are the epitome of clean, intelligent skincare line. They have their own farm in France, where they source most of the ingredients used in their formulas. Also, the owner Tata she is Colombian, like me. She is my muse and someone that I look up in the industry. 

Favourite Quote?

I have so many, lol. But if I can quote one now in this right moment will be: “Aptitude plus obsession equals greatness” Josh Benzoni.

Facial Foaming Cleanser
Facial Foaming Cleanser

What inspired you to start your own natural and organic skincare line?

My passion began under the vast beauty of nature found in South America. When I was young, I was always fascinated by how my grandmother created empirical beauty recipes with unique Amazonian botanicals that always seem to work! So magically to heal and beautify my skin. I was so blessed to have experienced these ancestral native practices passed on through generations. I wanted to create a unique skincare line true to these traditional native practices, efficient and gentle with the environment.

Where are your ingredients sourced?

We are proud to be the first Canadian-based company to create the best quality products from the most exquisite, rare South American Amazonian Rainforest ingredients. Our suppliers work in a Bio-dynamic system with non-timber forest products (NTFPs). They support local and indigenous communities that do wild harvesting. It is essential to mention that these indigenous communities set their prices based on how the harvesting season went and are paid accordingly. This practice is vital, as by doing so, no bartering is allowed, and ethical, sustainable source production is preserved.

Luna Night Cream
Luna Night Cream

What makes a great product?

 A great product always has 4 main components: 

  1. Science
  2. Ingredients
  3. Performance
  4. Environmentally friendly.

As a cosmetic scientist, a great product has the study behind the ingredients so they can interact harmoniously and efficiently on your skin. In addition, the formula has to be clean and environmentally friendly. When you have all these components in place, you have a great product. 

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How have you adapted your business due to the pandemic?

Gachala skincare has an eCommerce business module. Every interaction that we have with our clients is online. It has been different, especially when our customers want to test the skincare line first before buying it. We do have a couple of boutiques that carry our brand, and they are currently close. We have adapted to that especial need of testing by offering free samples via Instagram, Facebook and our website.

Luxurious Body Serum
Luxurious Body Serum

How has the pandemic shifted your future goal for Gachala? Would you consider opening a brick-and-mortar store or keeping your business online?

Wow! that is an excellent question. I believe we will continue having our business online. It is hard to tell what the future holds. I would love to open a store. Our products are so beautiful and fresh, it will be sad if our customers would not have the opportunity to have a feel first, play with the texture, and smell how gorgeous they are.

What advice do you have for someone who would like to launch a skincare line?

My advice will be “go for it.” If you have a passion for beauty and nature and genuinely want to help people become confident in their own skin. You have to do it. Nature is so beautiful; there are hundreds if not thousands of botanical ingredients waiting to be discovered. When you love what you do, you become creative, ideas flow more freely, and you will find yourself created unique products.

Exfoliant Foaming Enzyme Powder
Exfoliant Foaming Enzyme Powder

How are you attracting new customers?

Testimonials have been crucial for Gachala Skincare Inc. Word of mouth is vital for us, also, social media. Social media is a great tool to connect more personally with new people looking for clean beauty brands.

What was your biggest challenge while launching your skincare line?

The biggest challenge, umm! Well, I have always been an extremely positive person. I have always seen a solution for every challenge that I face. But the most challenging part was to be able to balance my personal life (aka mom of 3 kids/ wife) with the time and dedication that requires creating a brand.

Karen Forero - Gachala Skincare Founder & CEO

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