This is why you want candid photography for your wedding

Also known as documentary or reportage wedding photography

By Oscar LaVerde

LONDON, ONTARIO — A wedding is a once in a lifetime experience, one that should be remembered for all the great moments that it presents, and this is why wedding photography should never be taken away from a wedding. But the greatest and most memorable moments are from candid wedding photos, which are hardly ever seen from the staged photos where you’re asked to pose for the camera. The best moments are the candid ones, the ones that capture your soul right in that very moment. This is why you want a professional candid photographer at wedding. And that is my approach to wedding photography!

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Candid wedding photo of bride and mom kissing
Candid wedding photo of bride and mom kissing

Why should one hire a candid wedding photographer over a normal photographer?

When you hire a candid documentary photographer, you don’t need to worry about the details; you can simply relax and enjoy your wedding with family and friends! This is even the best thing for you if you’re camera-shy. A candid documentary photographer won’t bother you about changing poses and looking into the camera and giving that fake smile. No, candid wedding photos are what they are, candid and truthful. You are going to be photographed while you’re unaware, and that’s the best kind of photo ever.

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Your smile is real, the expression reflects how you were feeling at that very moment, and everything that’s going on in the background is captured right in those cherished pictures. Look back at your wedding photographs 20 years later, and each image brings back the joyful memories of each moment presented right there in the photo because it was as real. It is these candid, documented, unposed moments that you’ll live and forever treasure because they tell the true story of your wedding day.

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Capturing your most beautiful wedding moments

So are you living anywhere around London, Ontario, Windsor, Toronto, or anywhere within Canada, and you’re looking for a wedding photographer? Then I am the person to call. I pride myself as the only wedding photographer in London, Ontario, to offer the best and most unique documentary wedding photography. I aim to tell the story of your wedding through my unique style. I’ll be documenting your day, without directing your actions, or telling you how to pose, where to stand or how to smile. 

 Candid wedding photo of bride dancing

My photography style can be called documentary wedding photography, reportage wedding photography, storytelling photography, or even wedding photojournalism. It is like journalism, capturing the whole event as it is, without making you feel uneasy or weird, and this is a key benefit of candid wedding photography for the camera-shy. Being asked by someone to fake smiles and pose can make you feel uneasy, and I understand this. I will not distract you from your intimate and precious moments by asking you to pose for a shot. No, I’ll take the shot while the precious moment is on. Natural and real. I believe everyone deserves that!

Mariel & Dieg London Delta Armouries Wedding

Make your wedding uniquely yours

All I want is for you to be able to enjoy your moment now and for decades later, when you look back at the photos. I’ll not only photograph you, but your families and friends, couple portraits, the hugs, tears and laughter, the kisses and beautiful smiles, and everything that makes up your wedding story. Everyone deserves to relive such memories, and so do you. So are you planning a wedding in London, Ontario or anywhere in Canada? Feel free to contact me for the best candid wedding photography.

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