Alycia & Hani

A Romantic Surprise Proposal
in a forest near London, Ontario

Alycia & Hani

A Romantic Surprise Proposal
in a forest near London, Ontario

By Oscar LaVerde

LONDON, ONTARIO — I recently was booked to photograph a proposal for the most beautiful couple! Hani confessed he was planning to ask Alycia to marry him during a simple couple’s photoshoot. I love romantic surprise proposals in London, Ontario and eagerly offered my photography services. 

A perfect London, Ontario Proposal Location

At this point, most of the big wedding venues have some restrictions due to COVID-19. They suggested the Coldstream Conservation Area located near Middlesex Centre, Ontario, Canada. I believe it is the perfect romantic near London, Ontario proposal location! It is secluded and super dreamy. After a few secretive texts between Hani and I, we came upon a plan.

London, Ontario Proposal Details

Hani got Alycia to the park, saying he wanted them to have a couple’s photoshoot. Where he had Boho Weddings Arch Rentals, setup the most beautiful arch with props, for a magical surprise proposal. Then, pretending a cute back-to-back pose, he dropped down on one knee and proposed. She very emotionally said, yes!!! They opened a bottle of chilled champagne to toast their engagement, and then we did an impromptu engagement session.

Congrats to Hani for successfully pulling off a romantic surprise proposal in London, Ontario to Alycia!

Are you planning your dreamy London, Ontario Proposal?
Well, you met your photographer!

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