A romantic Engagement photo session at Nature’s Oasis Retreat


A romantic Engagement photo session at Nature’s Oasis Retreat

By Oscar LaVerde

LONDON, ONTARIO — After talking the day before, we decided to meet at this coffee place across the Covent Market here in London, Ontario called the Fire Roasted Coffee Co. We were a little nervous about the photo session like it should be when you are trying to create something beautiful out of love.

This happened to be the best way to start, I went outside, and they ordered coffee. There was this window separating us, they had their own space. Rebecca & Yanni were having a moment of their own. Not being asked to pose in any way, smiling to each other. At that instant, I knew, it was going to be a great day. We were going to be able to tell their romantic story through this engagement photo session.

Engaged Couple Hugging in Corn Field


Later, we drove 20 minutes southwest to Nature’s Oasis Retreat. Over there it was all magic, the place is beautiful, you have to see it, to believe it! Full of animals, big old trees, open spaces, and even rain, which we took advance of with some romantic black and white pictures inside their truck. The photos turned to be some of my favourites from the whole photo session, you can see them down below.

Rebecca and Yanni are planning their wedding at this venue for next year. We spent over two hours there talking, laughing, walking around with a horse, yes A HORSE! can you believe it! And on top of that, we have photos to prove it! 

We had a fantastic time together, so much that after finishing the session we did a quick stop and took more photos inside a cornfield, and again without even planning it we got beautiful, intimate, romantic and powerful images by the side of the road.

Engaged couple with horse


My type of photography is lifestyle/documentary photography. I don’t pose clients, I help them reveal their essence to the camera, sometimes it takes time, and sometimes it doesn’t. With Rebecca and Yanni, I was impressed by how easy it was for them to express their love freely in front of the camera, very romantic. It was like second nature to them. No words can describe what they become when they are together. I hope I managed to capture a little bit of that.

Here are some of my favourite photos of this romantic engagement session, I hope you like them.