London, Ontario Insta Meetup With Some Of The Best Instagrammers & Creators From The 519 Area​

By Oscar LaVerde

LONDON, ONTARIO — It’s been a hectic start of the year, answering all the brides enquiries for their upcoming weddings for 2020 and 2021, updating my website and catching up with the latest trends in cats photography :). So I was glad when Suny, the administrator of @519Shooters, a local Instagram account that showcases creators in the 519 area, invited the community for a meet-up a few weeks ago. I wanted the opportunity to get to know all these creative people behind all the carefully curated Instagram accounts from around London, Ontario, where I live.

London, Ontario Photographers and Models insta-meet

We met on a cold January afternoon at the northwest corner of Victoria Park, a place that has become a prominent gathering spot for the London, ON community, from activists to street musicians and now photographers. I wasn’t expecting such a big and diverse group to show up; young and not so young, from at least five or more different nationalities and every style of photography, sports photographers, cars photographers, landscape photographers, portrait photographers, street photographers, and me, Oscar LaVerde a documentary wedding photographer in the mix. All of us, a fantastic group of creative people in our great city of London, Ontario, not that bad, eh!

London, Ontario Photographers and Models insta-meet

We spent the whole afternoon walking downtown, getting to know each other and taking photos of the great models that were with us that day. I’m glad I got to observe and document this moment where the real humans behind the IG accounts got toghether and shared a day with their fellow photographers.

London, Ontario Photographers and Models insta-meet

I left surprised and proud of the community of photographers that London, Ontario, has. For this, we should thank @519Shooters for gluing this so diverse group of photographers together. Please be sure to follow this account and all their photographers and creators. They are AMAZING PEOPLE! So there is only one thing left to say LIVE, CREATE & INSPIRE 519!

The following is the visual story of the “InstaMeetup” that took place on January 4th, 2020, in London, Ontario.

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