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I was born between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn. And you should know that makes me susceptible to two things, one, to be a hopeless romantic, and two, to consider family a vital part of my life.

My father was a street photographer back in the 70s. His photos are full of character, and they tell so many things about the people in them. So, when I inherited his old film camera, I spent my teenage and university years taking photos of everything I could see (nature, landscapes, people, everything). Thanks to my dad, I learned how to capture candid moments and the art of visual storytelling. He taught me how essential photographs are to one life’s story.

Portrait of Oscar LaVerde, a London, ON Wedding Photographer

After finishing university, I started to comprehend how much I enjoyed telling stories with images. So I decided to continue photographing while I pursued my career as a Biologist. After my graduation, I married my university sweetheart, who encouraged me to pursue my dream. So I decided that photography had to become not only my passion but my way of life.

Oscar & Mena / Husband & Wife / Wedding Photographers

Wedding photography, specifically, allows me to continue being a hopeless romantic and a spectator of one of the most unforgettable celebrations in a person’s lifetime, their wedding.

Journalistic Wedding Photography

I’m a wedding and lifestyle photographer based in London, Ontario, Canada.

Through candid photography, I tell stories of life with an authentic, intimate and aesthetic eye. I’ll look for those candid moments that bring who we are as humans to the foreground. Capturing life with unique and emotional images is my photography style.

I love telling stories of weddings and families through images. I promise not to direct your wedding or take any precious time away from your celebration. However, I will find that intimate moment to photograph your wedding couple portraits, and I encourage you to do it.

Portrait of Oscar LaVerde, a London, ON Wedding Photographer

Think of me like someone you’ve hired to tell the story of your wedding day to your loved ones for generations to come.

If you believe you deserve an authentic and spontaneous wedding, full of smiles, tears, dance, kisses, and hugs, you are in the right place. I might just be the right photographer to hire for your wedding day. Feel free to explore my website, look at the images, and read my blog. When you feel ready or have any questions, contact me, I’ll be happy to talk to you.